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Briwax Tin

Product Information

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BRIWAX is the premier multipurpose wax. Although originally developed for the artisan cabinet maker, it quickly became apparent that the untrained or amateur wood worker could obtain near professional results with this remarkably easy - to - use product. Amateurs and professionals alike, all agree, that no other wax can match the results that BRIWAX so easily delivers.

Original Formula

BRIWAX is a solvent based blend of beeswax and carnauba wax, two of of the finest wood finishing waxes known to man. Most of the waxes found on the shelves today contain the solvents turpentine or mineral spirits. We use a much hotter solvent, toluene, which allows us to emulsify more of the harder, more durable waxes like carnauba to give better protection to your finished surfaces. The use of a hotter solvent results in the wax setting much quicker giving the customer the higher luster of the BRIWAX finish faster.

Briwax 2000 - a low odor blend.

Briwax responds to user concerns!
Since Henry's discovery was in 1860, before environmental concern were an issue, he used toluene in the formula to ensure the finest "patina" finish. In the 1990's regulatory agencies throughout the USA have started to highlight certain groups of chemicals and the extra care needed when using them. Toluene is member of these groups, so at Henry Flack, we've answered the call and developed a toluene-free formula, using the identical beeswax/carnauba wax blend, . . And, except for a little extra drying time, the results were outstanding ... No loss in Patina, which has become the BRIWAX trademark of quality !
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Six shades of wax to enhance the natural beauty of your finished piece.

Available in Clear , Light Brown, Rustic Pine, Golden Oak, Tudor Brown, Dark Brown, & Antique Mahogany

Chart below shows coloration when applied to "unsealed" white pine. There is much more of a stain effect when applied to an unsealed finish. When applied over a sealed finish, the effect is toning of the background coloration in the direction of the pigmented wax. A sealed finish could be over a stain, polymerizing oil, i.e.: Tung Oil, paint, sanding sealer, shellac, or more often than not an old beat up antique finish, or a fine old finish which needs some luster. Thus, if Dk Br is applied over "old blue paint", you have a toned deeper, richer blue with luster. Wax is about luster, not a mirror gloss. It is about lustrous beauty, not acrylic durability.

Please note that Briwax is not compatible over all sealed surfaces ! (True of all waxes)

Please test in an inconspicuous area, make a couple trial samples, work out any problem areas to what seems right and you will be pleasantly surprised with how well this product performs !!!

Briwax Color Chart - New color - Rustic Pine  !!

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 English Color Equivalents

Briwax is imported to the US & Canada from England and distributed wholesale by a few select distributors, like ourselves. People who travel abroad and some vendors here bring Briwax to this continent, for lack of a better way to express it, around the appropriate authorities. Skirting customs laws & transportation regulations can be a costly venture and has been so for several of these vendors whose containers were seized with furnishings and Briwax.

Tins of Briwax direct from England are labeled slightly different to comply with US labeling laws. Color designations are different as well. The following is a chart to match US color to the English color. So if you have a tin of wax from England (via the circuitous route) and wish to purchase more here (US/Canada), you may do so with confidence using this chart.

Clear = "Clear" in US & Canada

P-7 or Medium Brown = "Light Brown" in US & Canada

Antique Brown or # 37 = "Golden Oak" in US & Canada

Jacobean or # 181 = "Dark Brown" in the US & Canada

Rustic Pine = "Rustic Pine" in the US & Canada

Antique Mahogany = "Antique Mahogany" in the US & Canada

Trade Size Briwax

Trade size tin thumbnail

Need a larger size for that bigger job. Use a lot of wax. Refinishing or restoring some floors. Try the 7 lb. trade size with a special to the trade price. Available in Original & Briwax 2000. Pricing is based on 1 to 3, or as packed from England, 4 ea. to a case. Mix colors on any qty.

Stack of 3 Trade size tins

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